Uniformed Security Services

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Uniformed Security Services
Your First Line of Defense

City Security Services provides a comprehensive range of uniformed security solutions, designed to maintain a safe and secure environment for businesses, events, and communities in Edmonton. Our uniformed security officers serve as a visible deterrent against potential threats, helping to prevent crime and ensure the well-being of those in their care. With our professional and highly trained team, you can be confident that your safety is in capable hands.

Retail & Shopping Centers

Our uniformed security officers are experts in maintaining a safe shopping environment, ensuring the protection of your customers, staff, and property. Our presence helps deter theft, vandalism, and other criminal activities, while their customer-oriented approach…..

A welcoming atmosphere for your patrons.

Corporate & Office Buildings

Secure your office buildings and corporate premises with our uniformed security services. Our officers maintain a professional and attentive presence, monitoring access points, enforcing visitor protocols….

ensuring a safe and productive work environment for your employees

Events & Venues

Our uniformed security personnel are adept at managing large crowds and high-profile events, ensuring the safety of your guests and staff. From access control to emergency response, our officers are trained to handle various event security challenges

Allowing you to focus on making your event a success.

Educational Institutions

City Security Services offers uniformed security solutions for schools, colleges, and universities, ensuring a safe learning environment for students, staff, and visitors. Our officers patrol campuses, monitor entrances, and address any security concerns……

contributing to a secure and nurturing educational atmosphere.

Healthcare Facilities

Our uniformed security officers are trained to handle the unique challenges of healthcare facilities, ensuring a safe and secure environment for patients, staff, and visitors. From access control to emergency response, our officers provide a reassuring presence……

Contributing to a sense of safety and well-being within the facility.

Residential Communities

City Security Services offers uniformed security solutions for gated communities, apartment complexes, and condominiums. Our security personnel patrol the premises, monitor access points, and respond to any security concerns….

Ensuring the safety and peace of mind of residents and property managers alike.

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